House electrical installations

Household electrical installations · Maintenance

We are installing electrical installations into new residential and business facilities and we are adapting existing installations to homes, flats and business facilities. The success of our business is based on our high quality and recognizable work, the use of the finest and high quality materials and a reasonable price on the market that is acceptable to every customer. Contact us without obligation so we can offer You the optimal solution for your projects and works.

Industrial electrical installations

Industry · Automotive Industry

Industrial installations and automation are the main activities of our company. With years of experience and our team of experts we guarantee the quality and professional performance of all installations. We do all the work from the installation of channels and cabling to the wiring of electrical cabinets and commissioning.

Manufacturing electrical installations


We provide high quality, fast and uncostly production, wiring and testing of electrical cabinets.

Proven quality and experience


Quick and effective execution of electrical wiring


Cooperation with a team of experts


Certified contractor