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Proven quality and experience in the construction and maintenance of household electrical installations and electromechanical installations, as well as the construction and maintenance of electrical installations in automotive industry

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House electrical installations

Household electrical installations · Maintenance

Today, a building without low current installations is unthinkable. Every building has telephone, Ethernet, antenna and intercom sockets. Most of these installations are performed similarly to the installations of strong current, by laying cables directly under the lining of the wall or by placing cables in electrical conduits made of PVC.

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Industrial electrical installations

Industry · Automotive Industry

Electrical installation of strong current in a building includes all distribution cables and electrical load sockets in the building, including switchboards and counters, as well as the loads that are permanently attached to distribution cables. Wiring can be performed by using a cable that is laid directly in walls or wall coverings before plastering. A better option is laying cables in PVC conduits and then in walls, enabling easier replacement and modification of installations in the future.

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Manufacturing electrical installations


We provide high quality, fast and uncostly production, wiring and testing of electrical cabinets.

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About us

Elektromehanik Systeme d.o.o. is a family company founded in Varaždin, where its headquarters are. The work and activities of the company are primarily focused on execution of electrical wiring in major foreign industrial plants, as well as providing the same in the automotive industry. Our work in Croatia focuses on the provision of electrical services. The measure of our success is that our work is recognized for performance and reliability and there is a mutual trust within the framework of the company, our partners, customers, employees and the overall market.


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