Elektromehanik Systeme Ltd.

The company was founded in Varaždin, where it is also currently based. The work that we do is primarily focused on services revolving around installation and assembly of electrical installations in large industrial facilities, as well as those in the automotive industry. We measure our success based on our recognition as the standard unit of success, reliability and mutual trust between our company, our partners, users, employees and the entire market.

Our area of expertise is best visible from our references, displaying the work we had done in industrial facilities such as:

  • Car industry
  • Production lines in manufacturing facilities and warehouses
  • Manufacturing and wiring of electrical cabinets
  • Installation and maintenance of automatisation on production lines

Since our founding day, the company has been demonstrating a stable and financially positive business conduct, keeping a positive trend in quality and quantity of objects which had been serviced. Most of our employees have previous experience in installation and assembly in industrial facilities and plants, which they applied in the area of electric installation. This in turn resulted in an increase of the quality of our work, as well as lower costs of maintenance during object exploitation.

We have made many production lines and facilities for both domestic and foreign investors, and we continue our cooperation on new investments. The technical capabilities and the responsibility of those in charge of these projects have helped us gain the trust of the investors.

In time, we expanded our business area and included civil engineering, as well.

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