About us

Elektromehanik Systeme d.o.o. is a company founded in Varaždin, where its headquarters are. The work and activities of the company are primarily focused on execution of electrical wiring in major foreign industrial plants, as well as providing the same in the automotive industry. 

Our work in Croatia focuses on the provision of electrical installation services, fabrication and wiring of electrical cabinets and mechanical processing of materials on CNC lathes. The measure of our success is that our work is recognized for performance and reliability and there is a mutual trust within the framework of the company, our partners, customers, employees and the overall market.

One of the main activities of the company Elektromehanik Systeme d.o.o. is the execution of electrical installations.

We perform all types of electrical installations:

House electrical installations electrical installations:

  • Telephone installation
  • Antenna installation
  • Sound system installation
  • Installation of access control systems
  • Intercom (video and audio) installation
  • Fire safety

High current installation:

  • Installation of outlets and fixed joints
  • Installation of lighting
  • Electrical installations and assembly works
  • Connecting switchboards
  • Earth

The area of ​​our activity is best seen from our references, which show that we have so far carried out electrical works in industrial facilities such as:

  • Car industry
  • Moving bands in production and storage facilities
  • Fabrication and wiring of electrical cabinets
  • Installation and maintenance of automation on production lines

Since its establishment, the company remains profitable. We perform more and more complicated installations every day and the quantity of work we do is also increasing. Most employees have acquired experience in construction and assembly of industrial plants and they use it today in the field of electrical installations, resulting in high quality of our works and lower costs of maintenance during the usage of buildings.

Until now, we have worked on multiple Production lines and facilities for domestic and foreign investors and our cooperation with them continues on. Technical competence and responsibility of our employees when fulfilling their obligations have helped us to gain the confidence of our investors.